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Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong reported to the police for sermon on Islam and zakat

Jakarta Globe - April 17, 2024

Ilham Oktafian, Jakarta – Pastor Gilbert Lumoindong has been officially reported to the Jakarta Metro Police for a sermon addressing prayer and almsgiving in Islam (Zakat).

According to Jakarta Metro Police spokesperson Ade Ary Syam Indradi, Gilbert faces allegations of blasphemy, with the report received on April 16.

Ade Ary mentioned that the case would be handled by the Jakarta Metro Police's Directorate of Criminal Investigation.

When asked about the report, Gilbert did not respond directly but issued an apology for his sermon.

"Once again, I apologize to the hurt and offended community, and we will strive for improvement in the future," he said.

Previously, Gilbert gained attention on social media for comparing the 2.5 percent almsgiving obligation (Zakat) in Islam to the 10 percent obligation in Christianity.

He emphasized the importance of cleanliness in Islam before prayer and explained the difference in almsgiving requirements between the two religions.

Zakat is considered a form of wealth purification and a way to earn spiritual rewards in Islam, typically distributed annually to those in need.

Gilbert argued that the 10 percent almsgiving requirement in Christianity alleviates worship burdens compared to Islam, where Muslims pray five times daily due to the lower zakat percentage.

The video excerpt also showed Gilbert demonstrating prayer-like movements, with him noting the difficulty in folding legs at the end, a practice in Islamic prayer.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/news/pastor-gilbert-lumoindong-reported-to-the-police-for-sermon-on-islam-and-zaka