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Indonesian food waste reaches 115-184kg per year

Tempo - September 4, 2021

Rini Kustiani, Jakarta – Data from the National Development Planning Ministry or Bappenas showed that the amount of food lost and food waste in Indonesia reached 23-48 tons per year in period of 2000-2019.

The figures, obtained from the collaborative analysis with UK Foreign Commonwealth Office, equal to 115-184 kilogram of food per capita per year.

This issue also created social effect as the society lost calories and nutrition worth 61-125 million portion of meal or around 29-47 percent of Indonesian population.

Food lost is affected by foods production and the distribution chain. For example, the damaged food or food ingredients that are reduced in quality due to the long transit, no adequate technology, and bad storage processes. Meanwhile, food waste came from the wasted foods or leftovers. This is usually occurs at the retail or consumption sectors.

The food waste can be reduced by measuring food need, consume the food, and processing it properly. One movement that cares about this issue is Wonder Food Indonesia.

Since December 25, 2018, the Wonder Food Indonesia has been saving excess food ingredients that are still nutritious and fit for consumption. They process the ingredients to become nutritious meals and give it to those in need.

Until July 31, 2021, the movement has been saving 150,000 of food ingredients to become 281,490 meals. The ingredients came from supermarket, crops, bakery, consumer goods companies, one time drop, and food bank. Several restaurants also contribute to this movement.

During the pandemic, Wonder Food Indonesia distributes foods to emergency schools, orphanage, nursing homes, and organizations in need of the foods, in Jakarta and Tangerang.

They also share foods through mobile market in certain occasions, such as the world food day, national disability day, national health day, and international health day.

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