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Public prosecutors defy court order to hospitalize Victor Yeimo

Tabloid JUBI - August 29, 2021

Jayapura, Jubi – The Coalition for Legal and Human Rights of Papua, who are Victor Yeimo's legal advisors, escorted Yeimo's family to the Chief Public Prosecutor's residence in Jayapura, on Saturday, 28th August, 2021. The legal team expressed disappointment that the Public Prosecutor ignored the District Court of Jayapura decision in issuing an order to hospitalise their imprisoned client.

On Saturday at 15.00, WP local time, the legal team and Mr Yeimo's family visited the Regional Mobile Brigade Headquarters of Papua (MAKO Brimob) in Kota Raja, Jayapura. They were going to take the international spokesperson for the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) to the Jayapura General Hospital for medical treatment, according to the court's decision for the imprisoned Victor Yeimo.

They tried to make contact with the Public Prosecutor, seeking an immediate action toward the prisoner. However, the reluctant Public Prosecutor was slow and demonstrated a lack of will to respond to their request.

Feeling neglected, they then went to the High Prosecutor's Office of Papua. Given that the office was closed, they went to the residence of the Chief High Prosecutor's Office (Kajati Papua). Two members of the Papua Regional House of Representatives (DPR), Laurenzus Kadepa and John NR Gobai also visited the residence of Kajati Papua, expressing their willingness to be guarantors for Victor Yeimo so that he could be taken to the hospital on Saturday night.

Litigation Coordinator of the lawyers, Emanuel Gobay, said on Thursday, 26th August, 2021, that the District Court of Jayapura judges, which is chaired by Eddy Soeprayitno S Putra SH MH, had issued a decision in allowing Victor Yeimo to seek medical treatment at the Jayapura General Hospital, the next day. However, when Victor Yeimo was being treated at the emergency unit of the General Hospital on Friday, he was being treated harshly by a number of suspected police officers.

That night on Friday, a few more police officers came to Mr Yeimo's bed, where he was lying and pulled out the IV tube line. They forcibly took him out of the hospital. Mr Yeimo did protest against his mistreatment, but he was taken back to the detention at the Brimob Headquarters.

On Saturday, at 01.00am, WP local time, advocate Emanuel Gobay received a letter determining the imprisoned Victor Yeimo from the panel of judges, chaired by Eddy Soeprayitno S Putra SH MH. The imprisoned stipulation letter, dated 27th August 2021, followed the recommendation from the team doctor of the Jayapura General Hospital, who stated that Mr Yeimo had to be hospitalized due to his deteriorating health.

Emanuel Gobay stated that his team had tried to coordinate with the Public Prosecutor, but the Public Prosecutor's response was slow.

"So, we the lawyers and families went to the [Papua High] Prosecutor's Office at around 16.00 WP local time. Because today is a holiday, we came to the Kajati Papua home to urge [him so that] Victor Yeimo immediately be allowed to seek treatment at the Jayapura General Hospital, according to the determination of the panel of judges," said Emanuel.

The security officer at the residence of Kajati Papua, Nicolaus Kondomo, stopped the lawyers and family's of Victor Yeimo from visiting. Security officers also stopped the 2 Papuan DPR members, Laurenzus Kadepa and John NR Gobai, who had been the guarantor of Victor Yeimo's imprisonment, from visiting. Finally, Nicolaus Kondomo met Laurenzus Kadepa and John NR Gobai.

After meeting Mr Kondomo, Mr Gobai explained to the families outside Mr Kondomo's residential area that Victor Yeimo could not be taken to the hospital on Saturday. Mr Gobai explained that Victor Yeimo would possibly be taken to the hospital this coming Tuesday. (*)

Source: https://en.jubi.co.id/public-prosecutors-defy-court-order-to-hospitalize-victor-yeimo