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NGOs accused of inflaming situation, promoting separatism in Papua

CNN Indonesia - May 11, 2021

Jakarta – The Indonesian police have stated that non-government organisations (NGOs) and human rights activists are inflaming the situation in Papua.

Police intelligence and security chief Commissioner General Paulus Waterpauw says that they are categorised as non-state actors who are continuing to promote the issue of separatism.

"I want to talk about these non-state actors, most are involved in NGOs, or LSMs [Lembaga Swadaya Masyarakat] that are present here, they're contributing to inflaming the situation in Papua", said Waterpauw during a discussion in Jakarta on Monday May 10.

Nevertheless, he said, this issue continues to do the rounds not just because of LSMs. According to Waterpauw, there are parties in Papua and West Papua which are also campaigning around different issues.

The former Papua regional police chief however declined to give details about which LSMs he is referring to.

According to Waterpauw, one of the issues which is most often articulated is human rights violations in the land of the Bird of Paradise, as Papua is known.

He also related how he once gathered together a number of figures so they could air their grievances about human rights violations in Papua. But over three days of talks there was no discussion about the issue.

"It is indeed difficult for NGOs, for LSMs, human rights defenders to talk about the legal facts", he said.

Tensions in Papua have risen following the killing of Papua regional intelligence chief Brigadier General Putu Dani, who was shot dead by an armed group not long ago.

The government has designated armed groups in Papua as terrorist organisations after they launched a number of attacks and killed civilians.

The Indonesian military (TNI) and police have been mobilised and the TNI is preparing to send 400 troops from the so-called "Satan Forces". Armed contacts have also been occurring recently. (mjo/has)

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Kabaintelkam Polri: LSM Ikut Panaskan Situasi di Papua".]

Source: https://www.cnnindonesia.com/nasional/20210511004141-20-641139/kabaintelkam-polri-lsm-ikut-panaskan-situasi-di-papu