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Jakarta's plan to ban 10-year-old vehicles hits legal roadblock

Coconuts Jakarta - March 10, 2021

Jakarta's plan to ban vehicles 10 years or older from the city's roads has come to a screeching halt as a prohibition may come in direct collision with national regulations.

The Jakarta Provincial Government recently announced that it was drafting a new regulation to ban motorized vehicles that are at least 10 years old starting in 2025 in order to limit carbon emissions and improve air quality in the capital.

The regulation, first put forward by the current administration under a Gubernatorial Instruction in 2019, has hit a roadblock in the shape of Law No. 22/2019 on Traffic and Land Transportation.

"In Law No. 22/2019, limiting vehicles by their age is not yet regulated. That means, if we want to impose [the ban] we would have to wait for such a regulation in the law," Jakarta Transportation Agency Head Syafrin Liputo said today.

The provincial government, Syafrin said, is appealing for the Transportation Ministry to amend the law to include a ban on old vehicles. Such a regulation in the law may face great resistance as it would have to apply nationally.

Previous Jakarta administrations also considered banning vehicles that are at least 10 years old, with exhaust fumes from vehicles being a major contributor to air pollution in the capital. However, the plan has never taken off, and probably not even by 2025 at this rate.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/jakartas-plan-to-ban-10-year-old-vehicles-hits-legal-roadblock