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Rizieq Shihab billboard irks Jakarta military commander

Tempo - November 20, 2020

Lani Diana Wijaya, Jakarta – The Jakarta Military commander (Pangdam Jaya), Maj. Gen. Dudung Abdurrahman, was infuriated by the installation of a large billboard depicting Rizieq Shihab in an area in Jakarta.

Dudung argued that the actions of the Islam Defenders Front (FPI) leader, who had just returned from his self-proclaimed exile in Saudi Arabia, is starting to be erratic.

"Why is he arbitrarily controlling things. Who does he think he is? Who's this habib Rizieq?" said Dudung as Tempo reached him on Friday, November 20.

The military commander's comment came in the wake of a viral video showing groups of well-built men taking down the make-shift roadside billboard of Rizieq Shihab under a minute. The billboard reads "Under the command of the Imam."

He maintained there were rules to follow in erecting billboards across the city and reminded that there were taxes that needed to be paid and many legal aspects that needed to be fulfilled. "I've already said it before, if needed FPI needs to be disbanded," said the Pangdam Jaya.

Prior to the military actions, the billboard was taken down by the Jakarta Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) but was put up again by the people who initially erected the billboard.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1407210/rizieq-shihab-billboard-irks-jakarta-military-commande