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Soekarno-Hatta Police receive report of sexual harassment during COVID-19 test

Jakarta Post - September 23, 2020

Jakarta – The Soekarno-Hatta International Airport Police have received a report from a woman who says she was extorted and sexually harassed while undergoing a rapid COVID-19 test at the airport.

The woman submitted the report after the airport police's criminal investigation unit visited her in Bali on Monday.

The case is under the jurisdiction of the Jakarta Police, but Jakarta Police spokesman Sr. Come. Yusri Yunus said that the woman was unable to make the report in the capital because of work, so the officers went to Bali.

The woman gave an account of her experience on Twitter, where she said she was extorted and sexually harassed by a medical worker employed by Kimia Farma during a rapid test at Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta, prior to her departure to Nias, North Sumatra, on Sept. 13.

In response, clinical laboratory firm PT Kimia Farma Diagnostika, a subsidiary of publicly listed pharmaceutical company PT Kimia Farma, has said it will pursue legal action against an employee accused of fraud, extortion and sexual harassment during his time working as a COVID-19 rapid test officer at Soekarno-Hatta Airport.

Kimia Farma Diagnostika president director Adil Fadillah Bulqini said the company had agreed to bring the case to court after contacting the accuser. (dpk)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/09/22/soekarno-hatta-police-receive-report-of-sexual-harassment-during-covid-19-test.html