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Jakarta allows live music in restaurants, cafes despite rising Covid-19 cases

Tempo - August 27, 2020

Lani Diana Wijaya, Jakarta – Jakarta provincial administration allowed live music performance in restaurants and cafes through the issuance of circular 342/SE/2020 albeit the increasing Covid-19 cases in the capital city.

The circular was inked by the acting head of the Jakarta Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Gumilar Ekalaya on August 25, 2020. "Live music bands allowed to perform are acoustic ones with a maximum of four personnel or musicians including singers," the letter said.

Tempo has confirmed the circular. The types of shows allowed were regulated in the agency's decree No. 2976/2020 on the extended period of the transitional PSBB (Large-scale Social Restriction) in an effort to curb Covid-19 transmission in the tourism sector.

The number of musicians per show is also limited to four people. Besides, visitors are barred from having a dance during the live show. Venues must also set a reasonable volume of the loudspeaker or the sound system.

The performers, he added, are obliged to comply with the health protocols of wearing face masks and maintaining distance. They are not allowed to have direct interaction with visitors.

Additionally, venue operators are prohibited to hold special shows by inviting famous musicians or bands, from the country and abroad, and events potentially attract public crowds.

"Violators of the health protocols are subject to sanctions based on the Gubernatorial Regulation No. 79/2020 on the discipline and law enforcement of health protocols to prevent and control Covid-19," the circular said.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1379897/jakarta-allows-live-music-in-restaurants-cafes-despite-rising-covid-19-cases