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Walhi calls foul play in death of activist Golfrid Siregar

Tempo - October 7, 2019

Mei Leandha, Jakarta – Human rights activist and the legal council coordinator for the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi), Golfrid Siregar died on Sunday, October 6th, at the Haji Adam Malik Medan (RSUP HAM) general hospital.

The environmental watchdog's North Sumatra council member Sumiati Surbakti urged police to investigate Golfrid's death as she believes he was murdered. She maintains to deny Golfrid's head injury as a result of a traffic accident.

"There were no bloodstains whatsoever found in the location that police refer to. There was wet soil found in his pants, and there are not wet soil at a flyover. It is clear that he was executed outside of the flyover. Police must investigate this, he is an environmentalist activist and human rights defender," said Sumiati on Sunday.

According to reports, Golfrid Siregar was initially found with severe injuries to his head as it states he was found unconscious by a rickshaw driver with a destroyed cranium on Thursday, October 3, 2019, at around 01:00 Western Indonesia Time (WIB) at the Simpang Post flyover in Medan.

Golfrid was pronounced missing on the previous day of Wednesday, October 2. He initially departed from his home to meet an individual in the area of Marindal, which he was since unable to be contacted.

The rickshaw driver who found Golfrid then took him to the Mitra Sejati hospital and was unable to be submitted to the hospital without a name as he did not carry any form of identity. Not long after, the police came and took Golfrid to the RSUP HAM at 03:00 WIB.

Golfrid Siregar had undergone immediate surgery but was pronounced dead not long after due to the severity of his injury. His backpack containing his laptop, wallet, and ring was missing.

The North Sumatra Walhi suspects foul play was involved as they did not find any injury commonly found in victims of traffic accidents apart from Golfrid's head injury that they suspect was caused by a massive blow to the head by a blunt object.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1256591/walhi-calls-foul-play-in-death-of-activist-golfrid-siregar