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Human rights activists claim Munir's case was easy

Tempo - September 7, 2019

Galuh Putri Riyanto, Jakarta – Executive Director of Amnesty International Indonesia Usman Hamid, said that the murder case of Munir is actually not hard to be revealed if there is a strong political will from high ranking state officials.

"Again, what we need is will. Concrete political step from the President and the House of Representatives will push judicial institution heads to follow up the Munir case," Usman said during a press conference on 15 years of Munir's Death at KontraS' office in Kwitang, Central Jakarta on Friday, September 6, 2019.

The first political step that can be taken by the President, according to Usman, is by revealing all of the reports of the Fact Finding Team of the Munir murder case.

The report, Usman said, contains indications of the involvement of a number of people, including the State Intelligence Agency. In addition, the report also contains suggestions to begin a new investigation, involving an independent team.

Similar to Usman, lecturer of Jentera High School of Indonesian Law Bivitri Susanti, said that it is the President who can push for the completion of the Munir murder case by law enforcement institutions.

"Whe the President? It's because all law enforcement agency are under a President. So it is in his hands the order to continue Munir's case," Bivitri said.

Usman asserted that the completion of Munir's case become an important issue for the nation. "Munir's case is important because it has become a form of misappropriation of state authority institution in the effort of eliminating an activist critical to his own country," Usman said.

Human rights activists Munir was murdered by poisoning on September 7, 2004. He was murdered during a flight inside a Garuda Indonesia airplane while travelling to the Netherlands to continue his studies.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1244975/human-rights-activists-claim-munirs-case-was-easy