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KPK law revision violates DPR regulations: PSHK

Tempo - September 6, 2019

M Rosseno Aji, Jakarta – The Center for Indonesian Law and Policy Studies (PSHK) said that the ratification of the proposed revision of the KPK Law by the DPR is a violation of the law.

The PSHK says that the revision was not part of the priority bills in the 2019 National Legislation Program that was agreed between the parliament and the government.

PSHK considers the House's actions as a violation of Article 45 paragraph 1 of Law No.12/2011 on the Formation of Regulations and Regulations.

"The regulation stipulates that the preparation of the bill must be based on Prolegnas," PSHK's network director and advocacy Fajri Nursyamsi said in a written statement, Thursday, September 5.

Fajri said that the ratification also violates Article 65 of the DPR's Standing Orders which ruled that the Legislative Body or Baleg is tasked with drafting a bill based on pre-determined priority programs.

According to Fajri, the Baleg drafted the KPK Law revision discreetly, and that the existence of the draft was only known during the approval of the proposal in today's plenary meeting.

The PSHK regrets the DPR's doing, as they have violated their own rules as well as the legislation. Fajri said they had asked President Joko Widodo not to send a Presidential Letter to the DPR, so the discussion process could not be carried out.

"President Jokowi must focus on the priority bills listed in the 2019 National Legislation Program," he remarked.

Separately, Andalas University's center for anti-corruption studies director Feri Amsari said there are flawed procedures in the ratification of the KPK Law revision.

He said the bill just suddenly appeared without any prior discussion with the government to be included in the Prolegnas. "Something that is defective in the procedure should be null and void," he said.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1244540/kpk-law-revision-violates-dpr-regulations-pshk