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East Jakarta district head admits having asked for cow from 'qurban' seller

Jakarta Post - August 6, 2019

Jakarta – East Jakarta Mayor M. Anwar has said he will set up an investigation team to probe into Matraman district head Bambang Eko over an alleged request for a qurban (sacrificial animal) ahead of Idul Adha (the Islamic Day of Sacrifice).

The team will comprise high-level officials in East Jakarta municipality.

"We will establish a team led by East Jakarta secretary Usmayadi, as well as an inspectorate and city assistant," he said on Monday, kompas.com reported.

The measure was taken following a recommendation letter sent by the Jakarta Employment Agency (BKD) aimed to evaluate Bambang's performance after he admitted requesting a cow from a seller of qurban as a prerequisite for his being allowed to trade in Matraman.

"This is contradictory to Government regulation No. 53/2010 on civil service discipline. A civil servant must not ask for anything. A civil servant must be neutral," BKD head Chaidir said.

Chaidir went on to say that Bambang's performance would be evaluated by the position consideration board (baperjab). He said his office had recommended dismissal.

The case emerged after a livestock seller named Adin, 46, reported that an official had requested a cow from him in return for being allowed to sell qurban on Jl. Ahmad Yani, despite the fact that he had obtained permission from the landowner PT KIP to do business at the location.

Adin said the person who came to him said he had been instructed by the district head. (sau)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2019/08/06/east-jakarta-district-head-admits-having-asked-for-cow-from-qurban-seller.html