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Depok residents ask for concrete solution to overcome traffic woes

Jakarta Post - July 14, 2019

Jakarta – Depok residents have asked their city administration to come up with a concrete solution for worsening traffic congestion instead of just playing music at traffic lights to cheer up drivers stuck in traffic.

The idea to play music at traffic lights was expressed by Depok mayor Mohammad Idris on Friday in Depok town hall. "This is an idea to entertain Depok residents, especially on Saturday and Sunday when stuck in traffic congestion," he said.

Commenting on the idea, Daniel Siburian, a resident in the Sukatani area, said the plan would not reduce traffic congestion.

"That's not a solution [for traffic congestion], why not just apply a yearly operational limit for vehicles, for example, a car can operate for 10 years so only cars that started operating in 2009 can be used," said Daniel.

Satrio Aryo, a resident of Kelapa Dua, appreciated the government's intention to reduce stress in traffic congestion.

However, he added that the city administration must implement a concrete solution to reduce traffic congestion, such as the odd-even rules used in Jakarta.

"It's not the best solution for reducing traffic congestion in Depok, the mayor should instead look for better ideas such as implementing the odd-even rule."(tru)

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2019/07/14/depok-residents-ask-for-concrete-solution-to-overcome-traffic-woes.html