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Police secure dozens of b3 waste disposal drums in Bogor

Tempo - July 12, 2019

Ade Ridwan Yandwiputra, Jakarta – Citeureup Sector Police secured 39 empty drums suspected to be previously filled with hazardous and toxic waste (B3 waste) on vacant land in Tajur Village, Citeureup, Bogor, Thursday, July 11.

The Police Chief Comr. Muhtarom said the police seized the containers following reports by the locals who claimed to have suffered from the waste. "There are two victims who experience dizziness and nausea, so we run an investigation," said Muhtarom at the Citeureup Police headquarters, Thursday, July 11.

Muhtarom said that the drums were found one kilometer away from local residences. "We have examined two witnesses who fell victims, and the investigation is still afoot," he added.

Muhtarom could not yet confirm the findings whether it was classified as B3 waste. The police have not known the owner of the drums yet as well. "We're still investigating when the used drums were put there."

One of the victims, Lin Rukmini, 53, recalled that she smelled a strong odor similar to gas around her house and experienced nausea and dizziness. "At that time, I'd like to vomit but I couldn't, so I went to Sentra Medika Hospital," she said.

Other than Lin, three other people were rushed to the hospital because of the same symptoms. "I don't want those containers there, it's dangerous," she said, adding that she was not aware when the drums put there.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1223783/police-secure-dozens-of-b3-waste-disposal-drums-in-bogor