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Hospital defends Islamic law principles after notice board photo goes viral

Tempo - June 14, 2019

Ayu Cipta, Tangerang – A photograph of a public notice stating the shariah (Islamic Law) principles applied by the Tangerang Public Hospital has gone viral on social media.

The principles are spelt out, among others, on a public notice board installed on the ground floor of the hospital near the lift. On Thursday June 13 the notice board appeared to have removed from its original location.

"Yes on account of protests by netizens. We'll replace it with a notice whose wording can be understood by lay people", said Tangerang Hospital Director Feriansyah when contacted on June 12.

Meanwhile the original notice has still been left on a seat. It reads: This hospital is in accordance with Islamic law principles. IN THE CONTEXT OF PREVENTING KHALWAT [adultery] AND IKHTILATH [free sex]. THOSE WAITING FOR FEMALE PATIENTS SHOULD BE WOMEN. THOSE WAITING FOR MALE PATIENTS SHOULD BE MEN. EXCEPT WHEN THOSE WAITING FOR PATIENTS WHO ARE FAMILY MEMBERS (MAHRAMNYA). *) Khalwat: Couples other than their mahram. *) Ikhtilath: Male and female couples.

Feriansyah said that the wording of a replacement notice is still being discussed by the hospital's Shariah Committee along with the All Indonesia Islamic Healthcare Council (MUKISI).

He also insisted that the Type C hospital owned by the Tangerang regional government will not restrict its services because of the shariah principles it has adopted.

The reason, said Feriansyah, is because the principles applied by the Tangerang hospital do not apply Islamic law to people but to their services. The term used is universal shariah or shariah which is not applied 100 percent.

"And there is no intent to differentiate in ethnic or religious terms, because here we don't apply Islamic law on people, but their services which are shariah based".

Feriansyah also said that based on the principles of universal syariah this is only an appeal. He cited the word "seyogyanya" (should) on the notice board.

"Under the Hospital Accreditation National Standards, we prioritise the rights of patients so [we're not] allowed to force or oblige [people]", he said.

A number of groups have slammed the policies of the hospital owned by a regional government which is applying services based on certain religious principles.

"This hospital is a red plate [government] hospital, owned by the government, so its public services are for all citizens regardless of religion", said Tangerang City resident Septian.

[Translated by James Balowski. The original title of the article was "Viral Prinsip Syariah RSUD Kota Tangerang, Ini Kata Direkturnya".]

Source: https://metro.tempo.co/read/1214400/viral-prinsip-syariah-rsud-kota-tangerang-ini-kata-direkturnya/