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Prabowo's campaign promises not to mobilize masses while election lawsuit is heard in court

Coconuts Jakarta - May 28, 2019

After post-election protests turned into violent riots last week in Jakarta, many Indonesians remain concerned about the possibility of further protests and unrest sparked by supporters of defeated candidate Prabowo Subianto.

But according to a spokesperson for Prabowo – arguably the figure most responsible for last week's violence – the masses shall not be mobilized again until their election fraud lawsuit in the Constitutional Court is heard in full.

The head spokesperson for Prabowo's campaign, Andre Rosiade, gave the media his assurance on Saturday, the day after the lawsuit was filed.

"[Our campaign] is sure there will be no mass mobilization," Andre said as quoted by Merdeka.

However, Andre also emphasized to reporters that Prabowo's campaign had never actually mobilized last week's protesters either, insisting that it was purely the result of spontaneous grassroots "people power".

Andre said that, similarly, his campaign could not block people who wanted to take action at the Constitutional Court.

It's a convenient excuse that seeks alleviates Prabowo's campaign from responsibility for the protests that inevitably will take place at the Constitutional Court, similar to the way they denied responsibility for last week's violent riots because Prabowo – who had been saying for weeks that the government was committing voter fraud and "people power" was the only solution – had also told his supporters that they should act within the law.

The court is expected to hear Prabowo's lawsuit after the Idul Fitri holiday and render a verdict before the end of June.

Although legal experts agree Prabowo has little to no chance in the Constitutional Court due to the weak evidence his lawsuit is based on, angry crowds outside of courtrooms often seem to have an outsized influence on Indonesian judges.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/prabowos-campaign-promises-not-to-mobilize-masses-to-protest-while-election-lawsuit-is-heard-in-court/