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Student killed in Wednesday's Papua violence: Activist

Jakarta Globe - October 20, 2011

Banjir Ambarita – One person died in the chaos following the violent dispersal of the Third Papua People's Congress by security officials on Wednesday.

A university student named Melkias Kadepa was found dead at a plantation behind the 172 PWY Military Resort Command (Korem) in Abepura on Thursday morning.

Deputy chairman of Papua's branch of the National Commission on Human Rights, Matius Murib, confirmed the death. "One person was killed in the violence. To make sure the cause of death was from a gunshot, the victim is undergoing an autopsy," Matius said.

Dozens were injured after state security forces beat protesters with rattan canes, batons and the butts of assault riffles.

"Many sustained injuries from beatings and locals had to evacuate their homes. The government, in this case, the president of the Republic of Indonesia has to open a peaceful dialogue with the people of Papua," he said.

Meanwhile, Papua Police spokesperson, Sr. Comr. Wachyono, said the police had named suspects who took part in the People's Congress where a group of Papuan leaders declared independence and raised the Morning Star flag, both illegal acts.

"We have named five suspects and we will charge them with Articles 106, 110 and 160 of the Criminal Code," he said.

Articles 106 and 110 address attempted coup d'etat and evil plots with the purpose to separate from the country, each carries a maximum punishment of 15 years to 20 years in jail. Article 160 concerns inciting people to commit crimes. This article carries a maximum punishment of six years.

The suspects are Forkorus Yoboisembut, the Papuan Customary Council chairman, who proclaimed himself president of a 'free Papua' and Edison Waromi, the prime minister. The other suspects are their accomplices, August Makbrawen, Sanany Kraar and Dominikus Sorabut.

"We also confiscated some evidence such as documents and sharp weapons," Wachyono said.