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Papernas: A coalition of the PRD, SRMK and LMND

Lampung Post - October 1, 2006

Bandar Lampung – The Bandar Lampung City Preparatory Committee for the National Liberation Party of Unity (KP-Papernas) plans to start socialising the new party this afternoon at the Lampung Cultural Gardens.

Speaking to the Lampung Post yesterday, KP-Papernas caretaker Badri explained that this represents a follow up of a decision taken during KP-Papernas' Lampung Regional Conference.

KP-Papernas Lampung needs to discuss the strategy and tactics to broaden the party's structure up to the sub-district level and the pressing task for Papernas at the regency/city level. And at the same time they will discuss the party's program of struggle, vision and mission as well as essential basis of Papernas.

"It is hoped that the formation of KP-Papernas can build a political party that is truly born of the people and for the interests of the people, to create a welfare program for all Indonesian people", said Badri. He added that Papernas has set a target of winning two seats in the Bandar Lampung Regional House of Representatives in the 2009 general elections.

Papernas Lampung represents an alliance of the Peoples Democratic Party (PRD), the Urban Poor People's Union (SRMK), the Lampung Contractors Union (SPKL) and the National Student League for Democracy (LMND). Nationally, Papernas has a presence in 22 provinces and has its strongest base of mass support in Lampung, Central Java and the Greater Jakarta area.

Currently, the structure of Papernas Lampung consists of branches in the sub-districts of Central Tanjungkarang, Panjang, Kemiling, Tanjungseneng and Kedaton. Other branches that are in the process of being established include Rajabasa, West Tanjungkarang, North Telukbetung, South Telukbetung, Sukarame, and Sukabumi.

"We have a strong basis in Panjang, Central Tanjungkarang, Tanjungseneng and Kemiling. The majority of members are from the urban poor, street traders, buskers and petty traders", said Donna Sorenty Moza from Lampung LMND. n DWI/K-1

[Translated by James Balowski.]