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Fight between villages leaves one dead

Agence France Presse - February 22, 1999

Jakarta – A mass fight between two neighbouring villages in West Java left one man dead, eight others injured and more than 100 houses damaged, a report said here Monday.

The fight between people from Danamulya and Kedungsana villages in the Cirebon district on the northern coast of West Java erupted on Friday, the Suara Karya daily said.

Some 200 youths from Danamulya attacked the neighbouring village of Kedungsana in the early hours of Friday, injuring two local youths. A second attack was launched by the same attackers a few hours later but was thwarted by Kedungsana villagers.

A third attack, which then involved about 500 villagers from Danamulya took place on Friday afternoon, leaving six other villagers from Danamulya injured and a 60-year-old man dead, slashed with a machete, the daily said.

The attackers also burned one rattan warehouse, damaged about 100 houses in Danamulya and took away scores of chicken and goats.

The two villages have long been enemies and violence between the two has broken out three times since mid-February, the daily said. District police have been deployed in the area to prevent further fighting.