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4 people shot as motorcycle taxi drivers and debt collectors clash in Yogyakarta

Coconuts Jakarta - March 6, 2020

Four app-based motorcycle taxi drivers, locally known as ojol, were reportedly wounded from what appear to be gunshots in Yogyakarta, as escalating tensions between drivers and a group of debt collectors resulted in violent clashes yesterday.

According to a report by Kumparan, at least six people were injured yesterday, four of whom were ojols who were shot in their legs. None of the wounds appear to be fatal, and all of the victims had been taken to a local hospital for treatment. It's not yet clear who possessed and shot the firearms.

The clash between the ojols and the group of debt collectors was reportedly sparked by an incident on Tuesday, when a debt collector allegedly tried to forcefully seize a motorcycle belonging to a driver. Tensions escalated when the debt collector allegedly punched another driver who tried to help prevent the seizure.

Police dispersed the clash and received an official complaint for assault by the victim against the debt collector.

On Thursday, dozens of men raided the Yogyakarta office for Grab Indonesia, seemingly in retaliation for Tuesday's events. One Grab staffer was allegedly punched during the raid.

Later on in the day, hundreds of ojols raided and vandalized the office of a leasing company thought to employ the debt collectors. Violent clashes between ojols and debt collectors ensued at three different locations, with reports of rock throwing and drivers getting shot in the leg, as some viral videos had shown.

Police took control of the situation toward the evening and ensured that ojols in the city will be safe from harm and violence. No arrests have yet been made as of Friday afternoon, and it's not yet clear how many debt collectors were involved in the violent clashes against hundreds of ojols.

Source: https://coconuts.co/jakarta/news/4-people-shot-as-motorcycle-taxi-drivers-and-debt-collectors-clash-in-yogyakarta