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Timorese executed by security personnel

East Timor Human Rights Centre - May 13, 1998

The East Timor Human Rights Centre (ETHRC) has received information from reliable sources that an East Timorese man, Costodio da Silva Nunes, was extra-judicially executed by Indonesian security personnel on 7 May, 1998. It is believed Nunes was shot dead by members of KORAMIL (sub-district military command) at Lissalara hamlet, located in the village of Gugleur, Maubara sub-district, Liquica.

ETHRC sources reported that Nunes was walking through his village when he was spotted by members of Battalion 621, who ordered him to stop. Fearing for his safety, Nunes is believed to have ignored the order and run away. Battalion 621 personnel then reported the incident to members of KORAMIL (sub-district military command) who were nearby and it is believed the KORAMIL personnel caught up with Nunes and shot him dead. It is believed they then buried him at Gugleur village, near the Telecom office. His family and friends were not permitted to attend the burial.

Custodio da Silva Nunes, a former public servant, was married to Elvira Madeira Goncalves and was the father of two children. He was from the village of Baviquinia, Maubara sub-district, Liquica. Prior to his death, it is believed he had been persecuted by the Indonesian military as he was suspected of involvement in the East Timorese clandestine resistance.