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Two East Timorese youth activists killed

ASIET - April 5, 1997

ASIET has received the following message (abridged translation) from the East Timorese underground in Java

Statement begins: Suharto regime murders more Maubere people

After 22 years of occupying the East Timorese nation and massacring the Maubere people, the Suharto regime is still not satisfied. The Suharto regime still wants to kill those who oppose Integration. Two of the 33 East Timorese who occupied the Austrian Embassy on 25 March have been killed. They are Zeka (26) and Casimiro (22). After their release, the regime continued to harass the Timorese because they had embarassed the regime in front of Mr Jamsheed Marker from the UN. In the mind of the regime, anti-Integration East Timorese must be wiped out.

But the East Timoree youth are not discouraged by these scarifices. In east Timor, they have tortured 48 of those who demonstrated at the Mahkota Hotel.

They left the Austrian Embassy with the agreement of the Ambassador and the International Red Cross. But on arrival at Metropolitan Police Headquarters they were interrogated for 24 hours and many were tortured.

On March 29, they were released from the police headquarters. Casimiro and Zeka were students from Malang, East Java and so they joined the group that travelled to Jogja [on the way to Malang] after being released.

After one week in Jogja, Zeka and Casimiro left for Malang from Jogja by motor. Government agents in civvies rammed their LAndrover into the two East Timorese killing them both. This occurred at about 3.00am on April 2.

There has been no police action taken on this so East Timorese youth a preparing for an action at East Java police offices.