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Jabotabek students demonstrate all at once

Kompas - April 16, 1998

Jakarta – Students from universities of whole Jakarta-Bogor-Tangerang and Bekasi (Jabotabek) all at once held a peaceful demonstration in 30 campuses. Besides holding a free speech forum in each of their campuses a part of them went down to the road to merge with the actions which took place at the surrounding campuses.

Either the security apparatuses and the students could control themselves so that no clash happened. The guarding was not conspicuous eventhough a small troop of anti riot troops were on the alert. At the Salemba Campus of the University of Indonesia students from the Universitas Kristen Indonesia with their blue jackets merged with about 100 students in yellow jackets. About 2000 students participated in the demonstration with representatives from various other universities. The big family of the UI said that the existing political and legal system presently could not articulate the people's aspirations. Therefore a clear attitude ot the House of Representative (DPR) members was needed towards the aspirations of the people for political, economic and legal reform in a comprehensive way. The DPR should submit a memorandum to the President to perform that comprehensive reformation. A person threw a bottle to the UKI students and was beaten by the students before the Senate of the students, took care of him,

Two units of company level were mobilized to watch the demonstrators. The police gave the impression to be more cooperative. A lieutenant said. "We wanted the best. We also don't want force. That is the order from above."

Two kilometer At the Jayabaya university about 200 students held a long march of 2 km to the Achmad Yani road. Their plan to walk to the IAIN campus failed because they were intercepted by the security apparature, completely equipped with shields and sticks.

In South Jakarta Campus demonstrations were held at the Universitas Nasional (Unas) the Institut Sains dan Teknologi Nasional (ISTN), the Akademi Pimpinan Perusahaan (APP) (Academy for Manager) and the Institut Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik (IISIP) (Institute for Social and Political Science). The hundreds of students from the APP merged with the 1500 students from ISTN At IKIP Jakarta 2000 students.

The IKIP Jakarta students failed to hold a long march to the DPR/MPR. In Ciputat hundreds of students from Universitas Muhammadijah Jakarta (UMJ) failed to hold as long march to the Campus of the Institut Agama Islam Negeri as they got no permit from the sercurity apparature.

A clash could not be avoided beween students from the Universitas Padjajaran and the Institut Koperasi Indonesia with the Security apparature causing among others two female student were wounded.

In Solo the police did not throw stones back to the students who threw them with stones, in the effort that the students would be more responsible.