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Cronology of hunger strike commemorating December 7

Indonesian People's Front (FRI) - December 8, 1997

[The following is a translation of a report sent to ASIET by the National Committee for Democratic Struggle (Komite Nasional untuk Perjuangan Demokrasi, KNPD).]

Chronology of the hunger strike by FRI activist commemorating the invasion of East Timor and the Indonesian Legal Aid Offices (YLBHI), Jl. Diponegoro no. 74, Central Jakarta.

Participants in the action:

  1. Eka Yuswardi (a student at IAIN Bandung),
  2. Fitria Adiarti (a student at Unpar Bandung) ,
  3. Sambas (Santri Pesantren PERSIS Garut),
  4. Bin-bin (a student STIKOM Bandung),
  5. Gugum (student, STM Bandung)

Day One, Tuesday December 7, 1997

13.00: The hunger strike was begun with an oration followed by a free speech forum, singing the song "Indonesia Raya", reading of poetry by Wiji Thukul, a statement of support from the KNPD and a statement by H.J. Pricen from LPHAM.

14.30: A discussion was held with an East Timorese activists, Jill, on the theme of East Timor and democracy in Indonesia.

16.30: Activist from PIJAR, other pro-democracy groups and journalists visited.

18.50: Troops arrived and began gathering information [about the action] from those in the area.

21.45: A suspected intelligence agent began watching the participants of the hunger strike.

22.20: Three people from the Central Jakarta police (Tony Kustara, Andi Malao and one other who did not give their name) arrived and pressured/asked for information about the hunger strikes. They also noted down the writing on the banners.

23.55: The three police officer returned and gave the hunger strikes cigarettes and asked them to stop the action.

00.15: A military vehicle arrived and drove around and around the area where the hunger strike was being held.

02.00: The troops driving the vehicle began trying to provoke the strikes.

  • The hunger strike will be continued until December 10 (Human Rights day.
  • We asked for support from all pro-democracy activists.

Jakarta, December 8, 2am.

A Luta Continua!
Eka Yuswardi
coordinator, FRI

[Translated by James Balowski]