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Arrests at protest against new labour laws

ASIET - 23 September, 1997

8.45 am - 1.800 workers from several factories (each from different organisations), from the JABOTEK industrial area [outside Jakarta] together with students mostly from the National Committee of Supporters of Democracy (KNPD) gathered at the entrance gate to the national parliament.

9.00 - The masses reached the steps of the parliament and started a public rally which lasted about 15 minutes

9.15 - The masses entered the lobby and continued the public rally/forum until 11.00. No members of parliament were available because of being in recess.

9.20 - 200 more workers arrived and joined the public forum inside the lobby

11.00 - The masses left the lobby of the parliament and were preparing to march to the Department of Labour

11.25 - The masses were stopped at the gates to the parliamentary complex. The military offered a truck to take them to the Department of Labour. The masses did not believe this (as they were usually immediately arrested once on board) with the result that small skirmishes took place. Several students and workers were arrested. Those arrested and identified so far are: Kamal (male); Yosi (male); Alit (male); Alex (male); Indra (male); Asep (male); Sugianto (male); Hikamah, Secretary-General of the KNPD (female) and ; Herni (male).

12.10 - The masses were foprced on to the truck and taken to the Department of Labour.

[Translated by Max Lane]