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Chronology of KASHM action on August 8

Human Rights Solidarity Action Committee - August 8, 1997

[The following is a slightly abridged translation of a chronology sent to ASIET by the underground Peoples Democratic Party]

On Friday, August 6 the trial of two pro-democracy activists began at the south Jakarta state court. The two accused, Haris Musi Akbar (a first year Djuanda University student) and Anom Winanto (an UNAS student and pro-Megawati cadre) are being tried under the "Hatred sowing articles" (Haartzai Artikelen) for their involvement in a pro-Megawati solidarity action. Haris and Anom were arrested and detained during a solidarity action for Budiman Sujatmiko and others from the Peoples Democratic Party (PRD).

So we as students of the Djuanda University in Bogor [West Java] joined together in the Human Rights Solidarity Action Committee (Komite Aksi Solidaritas untuk Hak-Hak Mahasiswa, KASHM) to hold a solidarity action on the grounds of the Djuanda University. The following is a chronology of the action.

9.45am - The action was lead and opened by Ajis, from the Student Communication Forum for Democratic Struggle (Forum Komunikasi Mahasiswa Perjuangan Demokrasi, FKMD) with a speech inviting the masses to gather at the local parliament (DPR).

At that time there were about 30 people, a number of students were still having exams. Many intelligence officers were visible in the area and around the campus grounds.

Ajis shouted "There is no longer any democracy in this country. Students are prevented from speaking, organising..." At that time Budiman Sudjatimiko's father arrived and watched the action from some distance. A KASHM activist approached him to explain about the action.

9.48am - A speech was given by Sisi from FKMPD while posters were distributed and unfurled. The writing on the posters read: Withdraw the packet of five political laws, withdraw the dual function of the military, stop military intervention on campus, withdraw the anti-subversion laws, don't muzzle criticism, don't take the political rights of the people, free our comrades, free Haris Musi Akbar, don't blame the people for taking action, where is justice in this country?, don't suppress democracy in the name of stability.

9.57am - A poetry reading by Yani from the north Jakarta Megawati Defence Team (Tim Pembela Megawati, TMP) titled "Until when" and "A picture of this country" was given.

10.00am - Lead by Ajis, the demonstrators sung Indonesia Raya. The crowd outside the campus continued to grew larger, coming around the action. Using a megaphone, Ajis invited them to join the action.

10.05am - A speech was given by Le Ode (a Djuanda student and chair of KFMPD): "Haris is not an bad person, instead he fought for his rights, fought for the peoples' rights, demanding democracy and against military intervention".

10.10 - A speech was given by a representative from the Jakarta National University in solidarity with Anom Winanto who explained what was behind the arrest of Anom and Haris, that they were students who were not only critical in their thinking, but courageous in acting to defend ordinary people who are cheated by the current economic and political system which exists in Indonesia. "Anom and Haris were arrested because of their solidarity with democratic activists from the PRD who have also been active fighting for the oppressed people in demanding their rights which have been taken by those in authority". He also saluted the solidarity of the Djuanda students trying to build solidarity with the daily struggle of public transport drivers.

10.13am - A poem was read by Agil from FKMPD.

10.20am - Demonstrators sang "Unite" and "Who's Indonesia" followed by a speech from Ajis about the aims of the action.

10.30am - A statement from KASHM was read by La Ode.

10.35am - They sung "Blood of Struggle"

10.40am - Prayers

10.45am - The action ended

[Translated by James Balowski]