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Sri-Bintang to go on trial in August

Tapol - July 31, 1997

According to a report in Media Indonesia (22 July 1997), former MP, Sri-Bintang Pamungkas is to go on trial for subversion during the month of August.

Attorney-General Singgih said that Sri-Bintang, chair of PUDI, faces charges of subversion because of a Lebaran greetings card. The card rejected the elections, rejected the nomination of Suharto for president, and said preparations should begin for the post 1998 era.

Deputy Attorney for Special Cases, Ismudjoko, said the documents for the case were in hand. Sri-Bintang's refusal to answer questions have not affected the investigations. 'Everything is ready', he said. 'If necessary he can be tried in absentia.' Ismudjoko also said the other PUDI leaders Julius Usman and Saleh Abdullah, although now released, were also regarded as 'suspects'. What will happen to them depends on what Sri-Bintang reveals in court, said Ismudjoko.