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Two activists distributing leaflets interrogated, Dony's house raided

Info Pembebasan (Liberation) - Posted July 28, 1997

[The following is an abridged translation of a report sent to ASIET by the underground Peoples Democratic Party]

As reported in the mass media (among others Kompas), two activists were arrested by the military for distributing leaflets in Tangerang (1). The leaflets were produced by the Mega-Star-People Democratic Coalition (2) which called on the people to hold an "Action resisting the dictatorship" by commemorating one year since "Bloody July 27" which resulted from brutal actions by the military.

Approaching July 27, 1997, in and around Jabotebek (3) around half-a-million Mega-Star-People Democratic Coalition leaflets were distributed.

As reported in the daily Kompas, two people were arrested by the military, Ab (22) and Sy (21). They were arrested by the Ciledung (Tangerang) police when they were distributing the leaflets. Ab is a Tangerang pro-Megawati Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) activists while Sy is a National Committee for Democratic Struggle (Komite Nasional Perjuangan Demokrasi, KNPD) activist.

According to a head of the Jakarta police, Colonel Gories Mere, the two suspects are undergoing "intensive interrogation". Evidence taken by the military are a drivers licence and a motor vehicle registration along with thousands of leaflets ready to be distributed.

The two will be tried and charged with insulting the president on the grounds that the leaflet referred to Suharto as a dictator.

The two are being held and interrogated (4) by Bakorstanasda (5) to find out who produced the leaflets. Because they could not stand the interrogation the two mentioned the name Dony as the one who gave them the leaflets.

Last night (July 27), Dony's house was raided by the police and military. Apparently they were from Bakorstanasda. His house was turned over searching for evidence that Dony was the one who distributed the leaflets although they did not arrest or detain Dony.

Translators notes:

1. Tangerang: Industrial zone on the South-West outskirts of Jakarta. 2. See previous notes.
3. Jabotebek (Jakarta-Bogor-Tangerang-Bekasi): the industrial zones of Jakarta, Bogor (West Java), Tangerang and Bekasi (like Tangerang, an industrial zone on the outskirts of Jakarta).
4. The original Indonesian term is "disiksa" which can also mean tortured.
5. Bakorstanasda. Badan Koordinasi Stabilitas Nasional Daerah, Regional Body for the Coordination of National Stability. Regional level national military intelligence body notorious for violating the human rights of detainees.

[Translated by James Balowski]