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Abridged chronology (part II) of the 'Bloody July 27' commemoration

Info Pembebasan - July 28, 1997

[This is the second part of translation sent to ASIET by the Peoples Democratic Party (PRD). The first part was published in ASIET NetNews Number 29. Written Sunday July 27, 3.50pm]

11.15am - The numbers gathering at Pasar Ruput continued to increase, it is believed totaling around 1,000 people. Most came from South Jakarta with some wanting to go to Kebagusan, Megawati's house but the majority wanting to go to Jl. Diponegoro. In the end some moved off towards Salemba (Central Jakarta) to join up with those who had fought the military at Jl. Salemba.

A section eventually moved of to Kebagusan but not under our leadership. By returning to Kebagusan, they thought they would not be attacked by the military. It was not as they thought and although they turned back they were attacked and the rally broken up at the Pancoran (South Jakarta) intersection. Some resisted resulting in a battle, others ran away saving themselves in the kampungs.

While still at Pasar Ruput a student from Lampung called Fadli was arrested and his whereabouts are still unknown. At the same time the military broke up the masses assembled at Cikini [Central Jakarta, several hundred metres from the PDI headquarters in Menteng - JB] and they were beaten back and chased until they reached Gondangdia (North of Cikini).

11.32 - The group from Jl. Salemba moved off toward Jl. Pramuka because of information that there was large gathering at Pulo Gadung and Rawmangun.

11.45 - Numbering between 500 and 1,000, people assembled at Jl. Diponegoro. They had separated up into several groups because they had been tricked over issue of where Megawati was (there were those that said she was in South Jakarta, at Kebagusan and so on). They became confused and were easily divided and provoked. They also had no leadership.

12.18pm - Numbering 1,500, those coming from North Jakarta approached Jl. Diponegoro but were diverted by the military in the direction of the Jl. A. Yani bypass. They carried banners reading "Without Mega Reject the Election Results". there was also one banner from the United Indonesian Democratic Party [Partai Uni Demokrasi Indonesia, PUDI. Established by sacked legislator Sri Bintang Pamungkas who is now serving a 34 month jail term - JB.].

12.22pm - The military continued to divert those at Jl. A. Yani northward.

12.29pm - There was news that Megawati had left for Jl. Diponegoro. The masses there were hemmed in [by the military] and the situation was very repressive.

Those gathered at the Megaria cinema, Jl. Diponegoro, were beaten, arrested and the rally broken up when they tried to hold a free speech forum. There were many others crowed around the cinema (not Mega supporters) who watched this including many journalists and of course plain clothed intelligence agents. At this time the pro-democracy activists are gathered at the Indonesian Legal Aid Foundation offices at Jl. Diponegoro No 74 [about 100 metres from the cinema - JB].


Dr. Ciptaning (Tangerang PDI representative) who along with PDI masses from Tangerang continued to gather at Jl. Simpang Tiga, Jl. Oto Iskandar Dinata (which is the Mikrolet 26 route between Bekasi and Kampung Melayu) and the Cawang area. They had very distinctive banners, posters and so on. While they were waiting at total of around 70 people were arrested. Along with them Kelik and four others from Surabaya were also arrested. They are now being held at the East Jakarta police headquarters.

[Tranlated by James Balowski]