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Leaflet calling for a July 27 commemoration in Jakarta

Info-Pembebasan (info-Liberation) - July 23, 1997

[The following is a translation of a leaflet sent to ASIET by the Peoples Democratic Party (PRD). The original source of the leaflets and posters was not indicated.]

Recently many Mega-Star-People Democratic Coalition leaflets have appeared in a number of places around Jakarta, Bogor, Tengerang and Bekasi. Essentially the leaflets invite the people to attend a "July 27 Commemoration" action at the PDI (Indonesian Democratic Party) headquarters on Jalan Diponegoro, Central Jakarta.

Let's give our support to this action. Our support can be the duplication and distribution of the leaflet at places near us or it can also be to promote the action. The following is an excerpt from the leaflet:

Mega-Star-People Democratic Coalition program

United to replace Suharto, investigate the wealth of the families of the president and government officials, withdraw the 1985 political laws, withdraw the dual function of the military, political parties represented in the cabinet, wipe out corruption, collusion and the conglomerates.

Action against the dictatorship

On July 27, 1997 at 10am, at the PDI headquarters at Jalan Diponegoro, No 78, we will commemorate the attack on the PDI offices (in which scores were killed and uncounted others wounded or missing). But this did not make the people frightened; on the contrary it caused an explosion of mass anger and pushed forward the spirit of struggle. The riots which have occurred since then are clear evidence of this which can no longer be denied. Why did the riots flare up in the days approaching the elections? Because the people knew that the elections were nothing more than "window dressing" for the Suharto dictatorship. The people knew that the elections were only a political act. Aside from this, people everywhere also know that the elections are always controlled and fraudulent.

Now the people must be united! Megawati supporters, United Development Party (PPP) supporters and all pro-democratic groups and all of the people must unite to remove Suharto. The tactic which we will use is to reject the 1997 election results and demand that the elections be rerun after the withdrawal of the five political laws. The tool we need to reject the election results and replace Suharto is a united coalition of all the forces which support democracy.

Drivers, workers, petty traders and other people – who's lives drag on and suffer – must be aware, that prosperity cannot be created without democracy in our country. Without political change do not dream that the lives of our children and grand children will be better. A government which is just and prosperous can only be created if the dictatorship is overthrown. For anyone who wishes this, it cannot be delayed any longer. Because of this, we must all come and unite ourselves in this action. As much as possible we must act together, in a street march. We use this method to attract the attention of the people of the city and invite them to join in, to increase the strength and size of our forces. If there is a military/police blockade, we must break through! So we must tighten our ranks. The action of RETAKING OF THE MEGAWATI PDI OFFICES can be maintained for a long time and result in becoming a tactic which is good for achieving our aim if all of the people take to the streets to support it.


1. Mega-Star-People (Mega-Bintang-Rakyat): a slogan popularised during the election campaign calling on pro-Megawati supporters, the Islamic orientated PPP and broader popular forces to unit in mass movement to replace Suharto.

2. The different starting times for the action, 10am on the leaflet and 8am on the poster are as written in the original posting.

[Translated by James Balowski]