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Graffiti action chronology in Semarang

PRD - May 9, 1997

In accordance with instructions of the KPP-PRD, today on May 9 between 2am and 3am West Indonesian Time (WIB), there was a graffiti action across Semarang.

What follows is a chronology:

02.00-02.15 WIB: Team I formed by Norman and Andri left and quickly headed for the target of the beginning of the action, the Milo intersection and traffic lights between Jl. Dr. Cipto and Jl. Ahmad Yani. Right on the intersection they wrote "Boycott the 1997 Elections".

02.20: Team I went all around the Diponegoro University campus. The length of Jalan Hayamwuruk, writing: "Abolish the dual function of the Military", "Withdraw the packet of 5 political laws", "Boycott the 1997 Elections" and "Hang Suharto!".

02.30: Arriving at the third location, the length of Jalan Dr. Wahidin, a road which is passed waves of intercity buses from Solo and Yogyakarta. There were three "sub-locations" which were written on across the length of this street. The graffiti read: "Abolish the dual function of the Military", "Boycott the 1997 Elections" and "Punch Me (Golkar)" which was written with "Withdraw the packet of 5 political laws".

02.40: Arriving at the last location, the Kagok market, PRD members wrote "Boycott the 1997 Elections".

In accordance with plans, this action was divided into two teams. The first covered West Semarang and the other the region of South Semarang. However, team II entrusted to Stevanus, did not appear as planed. At the time this chronology was written, it cannot be determined why the team did not arrive and carry out their task as agreed on.

[Translated by James Balowski]