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Wilson 'walks out'

Kompas - 25 April, 1997

Jakarta – The accused in the subversion case Wilson carried out a walk out action. He objected when the testimony of the witness Didit Sutopo and Dita Indah Sari from their Preliminary Investigation Reports (BAP) were read. He continued to ask that those involved be presented. However, judge Arbani Soeprapto accepted the prosecutions grounds that both of them were unable to attend.

In the trial of the Peoples Democratic Party (PRD), Thursday (24/4) in the South Jakarta state court, the accused were no longer accompanied by defence lawyers. The had already withdrawn legal authority from Tim Pembela Hukum dan Keadilan Indonesia (TPHKI, Indonesian Legal and Justice Defence Team) on April 21. However TPHKI were still seen monitoring the course of the trial.

In the BAP read by the prosecutor Dedi Pridasa, Didit Sutopo a SMID (Student Solidarity for Indonesian Democracy) activist in Solo and secretary of the Solo Branch related a number of SMID and PRD activities they were involved in. Didit admitted to meeting Wilson when they were involved in the action at the Dutch Embassy, in December 1995. After that Dita, a SMID activist and chair of PPBI (Indonesian Center for Labour Struggle) stated she met Wilson because they were students together at the University of Indonesia and his activities in PPBI.

Meanwhile in the trial of Anom Astika lead by IBN Somya evidence was heard from three witnesses from the Parliamentary secretary general, Usman Bustami, Joko Prihandono and Haposan Hutabarat. The stated they saw the accused in an action at the parliament on June 18, 1996.

Usman who is assigned to security stated, on 18 June a group of striking workers from PT Indoshoes and PT Kingstone along with the PRD arrived. The witness say banners with writings of the PRD and heard singing and chants demanding an increase in workers wages shouted in the parliaments lobby. The strike action participants met with the PDI fraction. The witness did not join in with the meeting with parliamentary members.

[Unabridged translation from Kompas - James Balowski]