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A call to Megawati supporters: Freedom, Viva Mega, Viva PDI

YS124 - April 14, 1997

Comrades in struggle!!, in the framework of giving support to the struggle of Mega, let's go to the parliament in Senayan [South-Central Jakarta] on Tuesday, April 15, to join in carrying out a demonstration, strongly protesting the Final PDI Nomination Lists, and prepared to face and resist all obstacles carried out by any party.

In planning this movement on April 15, Ibu Mega a meeting in her house, has already instructed all of us that this will be carried out by mobilising 50,000 people, made up of PDI members who are loyal to Ibu Megawati, workers, students, PRD members and other solidarity organisations.

Ibu Mega's instructions to us include:

1. The planned action dated April 15, will a large scale demonstration to the parliament and carried out in a "harsh" manner;

2. Demonstrators must be ready to fight with anyone who blocks/the security forces, although this will create a riot;

3. The spearhead of the masses are Yayasan 124 (124 Foundation) and Tim Pembela Demokrasi Indonesia (Indonesian Democracy Defence Team);

4. PDI members approach the target (parliament) in a partial manner, workers depart from their place of work, students, the PRD and other solidarity organisations depart individually;

5. Indonesian and international journalists (CNN, Reuter and so on) who cover [the demonstration], be conditioned so that if there is oppression by the security forces, with the aim to quickly broadcast the brutality of the security forces;

6. When the demonstration occurs, Ibu Mega will not be on the ground, she will be carrying other activities in order to avoid being legally charged; Let us carry out Ibu Megawati's instructions without hesitation!!

Good struggle, in hope that our struggle succeeds!!

Freedom!!, Viva Ibu Mega!! Viva PDI!! Viva Marhaenisme!!!

[Notes on the translation: The term "Ibu" literally means "Mother" but is used in this context to donate respect. Megawati is also often refered to as "Mbak Mega", meaning "big sister Mega", also implying respect. The 124 Foundation refers to 124 pro-Megawati PDI members tried after the July 27 attack on the PDI offices. "Marhaenisme" or "Marhaenism" refers to a Sukarnoist doctrine which idealised the typical Indonesian "little man", a peasant called Marhaen who Sukarno is reputed to have met in the Priangan highlands near Bogor, West Java, a "little person" (ie petty bourgeois) who owned their own means of production but did not become an evil capitalist - James Balowski]