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Bandar Lampung police arrest three students

Republika - April 11, 1997

[As reported in an earlier posting, the students were calling for a boycott of the elections. This is not mentioned in the Republika report. TAPOL]

Three students from three different universities in Bandarlampung are in police custody on charges of violating Article 160 of the Criminal Code because of incitements and the use of violence against the government apparatus. They are Putra Budi Ansori, an Economics Faculty student at Bandarlampung University, Habibburachman from the Law Faculty of Lampung University and Rustam Nawawi, a student at the Accountancy Academy, Lampung.

They were arrested after taking part in demonstrations in Lampung, involving some two hundred students and pupils last Tuesday, 8/4. At the time fourteen people were taken into custody. Eleven have since been released but the other three are now in police custody according to Abi Hasan Mu'an, director of the local legal aid institute, LBH, in a statement to the press. The police have issued arrest warrants which have also been sent to the parents of the detainees.

According to Republika the protests they were involved in began at the Law Faculty of the University of Lampung at 9.30 am and involved about thirty students from various universities who sang songs of struggle and shouted 'Long live the people, long live democracy'.

They then left the Faculty campus and as they walked in the direction of the local assembly building, their numbers increased to about two hundred people.

They then joined forces with supporters of the PDI who were waiting outside the Lampung Museum. The large crowd then walked about two kilometres, in the direction of the town centre but on the way they were blocked by security forces.

The security forces tried to grab their banners, said lawyer, Abi Hasan. As the situation became more tense, many of students fled from the area and were chased by members of the security forces.