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Suara Independent printer sentenced to 30 months

Kompas - April 8, 1997 (Posted by Tapol)

Andi Syahpputra, 31 years old, has been sentenced by a Jakarta court to thirty months in prison for printing the journal, Suara Independen, publication of the independent journalists' organisation, AJI.

Kompas of 8 April reported that the accused did not appear to be surprised at the verdict but smiled in the direction of his defence lawyers. He told the court that he would appeal against the verdict. The prosecutor, who had asked for four years, said he would consider whether or not to appeal against the sentence.

The court said that it was clear the accused had been guilty of insulting the president because he could have read, albeit only at a glance, the article contained in the publication he was about to print. Moreover when he signed a declaration presented to him by Jasrul Zen (who is still under town arrest) of non-responsibility for the contents, he should in fact have tried to contact Santoso and Bimo who were the ones who had placed the order for the publication to be printed.