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Defence team asks for Dita and Pontoh to be freed

Bali Post - April 8, 1997

Surabaya – The Jatim Indonesian Legal and Justice Defence Team (TPHKI) handling the defence of the subversion case against two Peoples Democratic Party (PRD) members Dita Indah Sari and Coen Husein Pontoh have asked that the judge free the two accused.

In the continuing trial at the Surabaya state court, Monday (7/4) yesterday, TPHKI, lead by Trimoelja D Soerjad considered that the it had not been proven or determined that the accused had carried out criminal acts. TPHKI was of the opinion that thre was not one glaring element of subversion which could be proved by the public prosecutor, so the two accused should be freed. TPHKI prepared a 51 page defence titled "DN Aidit [Chairperson of the banned Indonesian Communist Party] roars with laughter from his grave", while Dita and Pontoh prepared there own defence. Dita's 51 page defence is titled "Towards the Political Struggle" and Pontoh's 68 page defence is titled "Towards an Indonesia which is Democratic and of Peoples' Sovereignty".

Before presenting their defence, Dita who [the prosecution] has demand 8 years and Pontoh 6 years in jail, were able to give out red roses to trial visitors. They also both give flowers to the prosecutors, the judge and security personnel. TPHKI in their defence were of the opinion that the prosecutors accusation was excessive and caused the trial to become confused. "What has been proven is apparently the excessive concern of the prosecution with regard to the spirit of these two youths who so hardworking in upholding democracy and justice in this country" said the defence lawyer in their speech.

Aside from presenting the defence, the defence team included a statement by the National Human Rights Commission regarding the "Gray Sunday incident of July 27, 1996 with an appendix of a list of victims who died or were wounded.

They questioned why the accusations of subversion against Dita and Pontoh only appeared after the July 27 incident? The evidence, the dates on government investigation orders dated 30 July, 7 August, 17 September and October 4. Meanwhile the defence of M. Sholeh will begin on Tuesday (8/4) today.