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Militant boycott actions continue in Yogyakarta

KPDI - April 2, 1997

On April 2, 1997 students from several Yogyakarta universities along with members of the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI)- Struggle organised in the Indonesian Democratic Struggle Committee (KPDI) carried out a protest action against the arrest of 24 people during a Hunger Strike for Megawati and Democracy action at Gajah Mada University on April 1

600 people attended the protest action. The action began in the Gajah Mada University Boulevarde. The military again attacked the demonstration in a brutal manner. At the time of this statement 5 students are unconscious as a result of being attacked by the military. Seven students and one high school student have been arrested


09.35 WIB: 50 people with placards and posters outside the University Auditorium.

09.40 WIB: The 50 headed off chanting Free Our Comrades and We Will Win

09.51 WIB: The fifty stopped outside the Kagama College and started an open forum.Speeches concentrated on the increasing brutality of the military in suppressing pro-democracy actions.

The crowd started to grow. Chants started for the repeal of the 5 major repressive political laws.

10.00 WIB: Scores of students from KAMMI (Independent Moslem Student Action Committee) joined the rally. KAMMI speakers stated that the democracy movement can retreat no more and that the detentions of figures such as the PRD leaders, as well as Bintang Pamungkas and Subadio was bound to happen as part of the struggle. The people were watching and would soon decide what to do.

10.06 WIB: The rally increased further in size and the crowd started off in a march around the campus chanting: Free Our Comrades and We Will Win. They all sang the national anthem and other songs of struggle.

10.28 WIB: The march stopped outside the Faculty of Arts and more speeches took place attacking the brutality of the military.

10.35 WIB: The rally moved off again chanting: Free Our Comrades and We Boycott the Elections. 10.40 WIB: The march stopped again outside the Faculty of Law. Speeches called for the military to get out of politics and also criticised apathy among students.

At this point, the march of 600 people came into confrontation with the Police Anti-Riot Squad who blocked the road.

10.55 WIB: The rally approached closer to the police increasing tension among their ranks.

11.05 WIB: The rally turned towards the Faculty of Arts again and then on to the Gajah Mada University Boulevarde. "Free Our Comrades" and "We will boycott" echoed out.The march stopped again for more speeches before heading to the Gajah Mada University Bunderan intersection.

11.45 WIB: The rally marched towards the big Campus UGM sign. Statements were read out by KAMII, and student councils from Gajah Mada and Santa Dharma Universities and from Youth for Democracy (PPD) and Philosophy students.

11.52 WIB: An intelligence agent in civiies engaged in provocation against a rally member and scuffles and fighting broke out. The police attacked several rally participants.

While midday prayer calls started, 5 students were beaten unconscious and 8 more dragged off and taken awayoin a Kijang truck in the direction of polcie headquarters. Thic included the rally field commander, Titok, who was attacked by 5 police and beaten until his face was covered with bruises.

12.04 WIB: hundreds of the remaining marchers retruned to the campus square and while chanting Islamic prayers attacked the military's brutality.

12.12 WIB: The rally dispersed.

As of the time of preparation of this statement, there are no news of the detained activists or of several other missing activists.

KPDI is now in the middle of planning its next actions.

[Translated by ASIET]