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Bogor military seize PRD boycott circulars

Media Indonesia - March 7, 1997

Jakarta – A Peoples Democratic Party (PRD) circular calling for an election boycott has also been distributed in Bogor, West Java. The circular was pasted up in all of the strategic places at around 3am last night in the name of KPP-PRD.

As many as 17 circulars and a printing machine suspected of being used to produce them was seized by the Bogor military (Korem). "As well as seizing the printer and 17 circulars, we have also already identified who did it", said Colonel Eddi Budianto yesterday.

Eddi did not wish to say where the seizure took place or the name of the suspect, asking only that society not be fooled around with (terpancing) by a person who wants to disrupt the elections.

The circular had pictures of the leaders of the three political parties crossed with an "X" with comments calling for a boycott. There was also a quote from the Independent Monitoring Committee (KIPP). "Because KIPP was mentioned we will ask for Harry Saba's explanation, the secretary of KIPP Bogor" said a government official.

As well as in Bogor and Sri Bintang Pamungkas's Lebaran greeting cards who's tone discredited the president of Indonesia, similar circulars have been distributed in a number of other places. The issue is almost the same, discrediting the government and calling for an election boycott. Three other PRD members are also being questioned in a similar case and last month police seized 6,000 circulars calling for a boycott in Bandung, West Java.

[Abridged translation from Media Indonesia - James Balowski]