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Mochtar Pakpahan angry in court

Suara Merdeka - 4 March, 1997

Jakarta – In the ongoing case of Mochtar Pakpahan, at the South Jakarta state court was shaken yesterday. The reason? The judge accused the defendant of exaggerating his illness. He also said Pakpahan wanted to be written about in the newspapers.

Before the judge could finish the sentence, Pakpahan protested "I am being burdened by the Judge. I have rights! If you want to try me, try me. I'm sick, clearly I am sick" he shouted. "For two months I have asked to see a doctor, but they don't arrive. Why am I being accused of exaggerating. I don't want that!"

Adnan Buyung Nasution, one of his defense lawyers requested a dialogue. Also present were defense lawyers Bambang Widjojanto, M Assegaf, and Irianto. Eventually the judge had discussions with them for 15 minutes to overcome the problem.

However in the end the court became noisy, after Pakpahan read a letter containing his desire to be treated at the Cikini hospital. In the letter he said that since January he had suffered a number of illnesses. He suffered headaches, dizziness and had difficulty breathing. As well as this his right had was constantly in pain.

He also offered to pay for such treatment. During the discussions, Pakpahan began vomiting, and eventually the hearing continued with out the defendant.

[Abridged translation from Suara Merdeka - JB]