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Megawati likely to become a suspect

Media Indonesia - March 4, 1997 (Abridged)

Megawati Sukarnoputri was interrogated for the second time Tuesday with regard to the celebration of the 24th anniversary of the PDI which took place at her home. South Jakarta chief of police said afterwards that it was likely she would become a suspect. (Until now she has been questioned as a 'witness'.)

She arrived at the police station with her lawyers, while there were thousands of people outside the building to greet her, shouting slogans of support when she arrived.

She was questioned this time for one and a half hours. (On the previous occasion, the questioning lasted for five hours.)

'This time, matters raised earlier were gone into again and she was also asked about the contents of her political speeches,' her lawyer R.O. Tambunan told the press.

She was also asked whether members of the diplomatic corps were invited. Megawati said this was what usually happened but she refused to mention the names of diplomats who came as she said they were protected by diplomatic immunity.

The police also asked about who drafted her speeches and what they contained, Tambunan said.

The police officer in charge of the interrogation said she might soon be treated as a suspect because she hosted the meeting at her home and was the person responsible for that political gathering. He said it was regrettable that a political leader regarded till now as a competent woman had committed a number of breaches of the law, including gathering people in her home with first asking for a permit.

After Megawati left the police station and returned home, the thousands of supporters made their own way in a variety of means of transport to her home, causing huge traffic jams on the way.