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'Clobbering' not a rights violation, rights body chief says

Antara - March 4, 1997

Jakarta – Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, Munawir Sjadzali, said "clobbering" does not violate human rights so long as it is intended to safeguard national security and take care of public interests.

"The term 'clobbering' used recently by President Soeharto is a warning to those who commit unconstitutional acts," he said in response to reporters' questions during a post-Lebaran celebration held by the rights body here Monday.

As one who guarantees national security, he said, it is only natural that the president will take action against those who commit unconstitutional acts.

He said the president's statement in this regard showed that violators of the constitution could not be tolerated.

"One who violates the constitution deserves proportionate retribution," he said.