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British-made tanks to be deployed in Jakarta in run-up to elections

TAPOL Press Relese - February 21, 1997

British-made Scorpion tanks were among the army equipment inspected in Jakarta on Thursday 20 February by top generals of the Indonesian military dictatorship, checking security preparations for the Indonesian elections scheduled for 29 May this year, [Republika Daily, 21.2.1997]

The appearance of British Scorpions, made by the Coventry-based ALVIS, on the streets of Jakarta in readiness for the 'elections' is further evidence of British-made equipment being deployed in an internal security role.

Carmel Budiardjo on behalf of the three organisations said: 'This further demonstrates the need for a change in policy by the UK Government. The Indonesian regime shouldn't be allowed to threaten voters or people protesting against the farcical elections, and British-made weapons absolutely must not be once more party to international repression in Indonesia.'

This report comes on the day of the official deadline, issued by TAPOL, CAAT and WDM for a Government response to a legal challenge over their licensing of the sales of Alvis armoured personnel carriers and Tactica water cannon to Indonesia.

Today the Government responded by asking for an extra two weeks whilst they considered the evidence.