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PPP rejects Amin Imron and Abdullah Schal were involved in the riots in Kalbar

Waspada - February 19, 1997

Jakarta – PPP has rejected the accusation that PPP cadres RKH Amin Imron and KH Abdullah Schal were involved in the riots in West Kalimantan, said the chair of PPP Ismail Hasan Metareum. "It's really not true" said Buya, on February 18. According to Buya photos and posters of the two are common in the Maduran community not just in West Kalimantan but throughout Java

Imron and Schal are two of PPPs most important kiai's from Bangkalan, Madura.

Arabic writing on the posters of the two read: "Afadhallahu Alaina Min Barokah Fihima Fiddunnya Wal Akhirat", which according to Buya means: "Hopefully Allah's blessings will flow forth from these two people in the world and the hereafter". He said the posters were sold to PPP members and Santris to collect campaign funds for the elections. 25 Million Rupiah was collected from sales.

[Abridged (very) translation from Waspada - JB]