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Romo Sanyawan's case file returned by high court

Republika - February 8, 1997

Jakarta – The Jakarta High Court has returned the case file of Romo Sandyawan SJ and his brother Benny Sumardi to the Metro Jaya police on the grounds that it is not enough to present in court.

Romo Sandyawan, who is the director of the Jakarta Social Institute and his brother are "suspects" who are being charged with hiding Budiman Sudjatmiko and his companions in August last year in Bekasi, West Java. One of the reasons for the rejection was that the "crime" was committed in Bekasi so the case must be heard by the Bekasi State Court. Sandyawan has previously received the Yap Thiam Hien human rights award from Yapusham (Human Rights Study Institute).

[Abridged translation from Republika - JB.]