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Police: If they are called two times and don't arrive Mega can be brought forcibly

Antara News - February 7, 1997

Jakarta – The head of the Jakarta Police, Hamani Nata said that if Megawati and her husband, Taufiq Kiemas, are called twice and do not fulfill the order, both of them can be brought forcibly by the police.

Kiemes did not appear as ordered on Wednesday, February 5 and Megawati failed to appear on Thursday at 10am. Both have been ordered to answer questions in relation to a meeting at Megawati's house on January 10, 1997 which was not authorised by the authorities.

Nata said that they will send a second letter and if they do not respond, the two of them will be "met" forcibly. By 9am on Thursday morning, the South Jakarta police was full of journalists and Megawati supporters.

[Abridged translation from posting by Kabar dari Pijar - JB]