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Suara Independen' trial begins

Kompas - February 6, 1997

Jakarta, Kompas - the Suara Independen (Independent Voice) trial began at the South Jakarta State Court on Thursday, February 5. Andi Syahputra (31) is accused of insulting the president in October 1996.

Syahputra's defense lawyers Luhut MP Pangaribuan and Irianto Subiakto from LBH (Indonesian Legal Aid Institute) have stated that they will not present a demurrer (eksepsi) as the case will resume on February 13 with the questioning of witnesses. They also asked the court to allow the accused to be given leave to celebrate Lebaran (end of the fasting month) with his family.

The Judge said he would consider the request. Jasrul Zen, who is also to be tried in the same case is still being investigated.

[Abridged translation from Kompas - JB.]