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Portuguese hackers modify government home page

Unknown - February 1997

Last Monday (10), and again last Saturday (15) a group of Portuguese hackers (Portuguese Hackers Against Indonesia) modified the homepage of the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry (first goal of an "East Timor Campaign").

This altered homepage was online for 3 hours (from 19:00 until 22:00h - Portuguese time). Among other things, there was the title "Wellcome to the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Fascist Republic of Indonesia".

Differences between the two homepages can be seen in http://toxyn.pt.eu.org/timor/index.html

http://www.dfa-deplu.go.id (the real one)

http://toxyn.pt.eu.org/timor/atack.html Portuguese hackers version:

[The first two sites don't seem to be able to be accessed, only the "real one" - JB]