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Muhaimin Iskandar on broadcasting bill: 'Investigation is the soul of journalism'

Tempo - May 16, 2024

Adinda Jasmine Prasetyo, Jakarta – Chairman of the National Awakening Party (PKB) Muhaimin Iskandar or Cak Imin said the Broadcasting Law must be designed to face the challenges of journalism in the digital era without threatening freedom of expression.

Cak Imin said he had worked as a journalist before entering politics, so he emphasized the importance of freedom of expression for society and the press. According to Cak Imin, the press is one of the pillars of democracy, and limiting press freedom means curbing democracy.

"Therefore, handed over 8 Agendas for Change to the elected president, Mr. Prabowo, one of which emphasizes the importance of strengthening the quality of democracy and ensuring press freedom," said Cak Imin, through his official statement on Thursday, May 16, 2024.

The politician who also serves as Deputy Chair of DPR added that there is still time to hear public aspirations as the Broadcasting Bill is currently in draft form. He stressed that prohibiting the broadcast of investigative programs was the same as killing journalism.

Cak Imin believes that social media has taken over disseminating short news such as breaking news and viral information. Therefore, journalism is highly relied upon to provide long, complete, and in-depth information.

"How is journalism only allowed to quote spokesperson or copy and paste press releases? When social media takes over breaking news, live reports, and viral news, the investigation becomes the soul of journalism today," Cak Imin added.

He highlighted that, in the current context, prohibiting the broadcasting of investigative programs in the Broadcasting Bill is tantamount to limiting the most valuable capacity of the press. "Prohibiting the broadcasting of investigative programs in Broadcasting Bill castrates the most premium capacity of members of the press," he said. "Because not everyone can carry out an investigation."

However, he also emphasized the importance of sorting out credible news amidst the abundance of information on social media and various broadcasting platforms. Cak Imin believes that the Broadcasting Bill must be able to protect the public from increasingly rampant hoaxes and misinformation without sniping press freedom.

"The public also has the right to access the widest possible information. There must be no censorship of journalism and public expression," Cak Imin concluded.

Source: https://en.tempo.co/read/1868353/muhaimin-iskandar-on-broadcasting-bill-investigation-is-the-soul-of-journalis