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BPOM finds harmful substances in Ramadan 'takjil' snacks in Jakarta

Jakarta Post - April 4, 2024

Jakarta – The Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) has found samples of takjil (light snack to break fast in Ramadan) sold in several markets in Jakarta containing harmful substances during routine inspections in the lead-up to the Idul Fitri holiday.

"Harmful or non-compliant food ingredients were found in the takjil sold in Bendungan Hilir, Pasar Santa, Mayestik and Johar Baru," said Jakarta BPOM head Sofiani Chandrawati Anwar in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Sofiani said that a total of 141 samples were taken from seven markets between March 20 and April 1.

At the first location, Bendungan Hilir, one out of 28 snack samples were found to be containing rhodamine, a known hazardous coloring agent. Meanwhile, in Johar Baru, one out of 20 samples was found to be containing formalin.

At Pasar Senen, all 14 samples were found to be complying with health regulations while on Jl. Bugis, one out of 34 samples was found to be containing rhodamine B.

At Pasar Santa, at least four out of 20 food samples were found to be non-compliant due to containing rhodamine.

Furthermore, one of 25 samples taken at Mayestik did not meet the required standards while at Pasar Rawamangun, all 23 sampled food items were found to comply with regulations.

Sofiani said all non-compliant and potentially hazardous food items were immediately withdrawn from the shelves for disposal, with the sellers receiving guidance. Additionally, the Jakarta BPOM emphasized the importance of consumers being discerning when selecting food products.

Characteristics such as physical appearance can indicate hazardous food items; for instance, according to the food and health watchdog, wet noodles treated with formalin often exhibit a glossy appearance and maintain their firmness without spoiling for an extended period.

Lastly, consumers were advised to check packaging, labels, distribution permits and expiration dates when selecting food and drug products.

Source: https://www.thejakartapost.com/indonesia/2024/04/04/bpom-finds-harmful-substances-in-ramadan-takjil-snacks-in-jakarta.htm