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MUI urges boycott of Israeli dates during Ramadan

Jakarta Globe - March 13, 2024

Muhammad Fakhruddin, Jakarta. The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has called for a boycott of Israeli dates during the holy month of Ramadan, alleging that the proceeds from their sales contribute to the harm of Palestinian civilians.

"In Ramadan, refrain from selling Israeli products, particularly dates. While dates are halal and delicious, they become haram because the proceeds support the killing of Palestinian civilians," the Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) for Foreign Relations and International Cooperation, Sudarnoto, said in his statement on Tuesday.

Sudarnoto explained MUI's call for boycotting products affiliated with or supportive of Israel, emphasizing that the boycott aims to weaken Israel's economy and deter further attacks on Palestine.

He further disclosed that a variety of products, including food and beverages, are subject to the boycott. Sudarnoto referred to MUI's Fatwa (edict) Number 83 of 2023, which calls on Indonesian Muslims to boycott Israeli products and companies affiliated with Israel.

"Reminding once again that we, as Muslims and the Indonesian community, who care about humanity, should boycott Israeli products and companies affiliated with Israel," Sudarnoto said.

He clarified that MUI does not issue a specific list of products to boycott. To determine the products that support or oppose Israel, Sudarnoto encouraged everyone, including the public and academic institutions, to conduct research. Additionally, MUI urged Indonesian retailers not to sell products associated with or supportive of Israel.

Source: https://jakartaglobe.id/news/mui-urges-boycott-of-israeli-dates-during-ramada